Aerosleep: Not a game!

posted on 05-15-2014

AeroSleep develops sleep products for the littlest ones. AeroSleep products help your baby breathe freely in a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

The project.

An instrumental part of AeroSleep’s marketing strategy was the development of a tool to identify and communicate with potential customers. This way, AeroSleep can keep them informed of new products and promotions and give useful tips. AeroSleep asked Chilli to develop an online game where visitors must answer a question to stand a chance of winning a monthly prize. 


  • Several marketing campaigns, each with its own target group.
  • 11 countries and 7 languages (expandable).
  • Different URLs that refer to the same code base but with individual settings.
  • Sending the user data to an external Email Marketing System (EMS).


At Chilli we like to use ExpressionEngine (EE) as the basis for our websites. ExpressionEngine is a powerful and versatile CMS based on the CodeIgniter framework. 

Therefore it’s no surprise that we opted for EE for the development of this game. An important requirement for the project was the ability to appeal to different target groups with their own individual settings. The settings were in their own entry per campaign. Every entry received a campaign ID.

The campaign ID could be used in two different ways. 

  • On the one hand, participants could enter the competition via an AeroSleep scratch ticket they’d picked at the shop. Simply scratch away the top layer and use the code underneath to participate. 
  • The other method involved a link. In this case there was no need to fill in a code as it was linked to the URL.

AeroSleep is present in a large number of countries so the game had to be translated. For this purpose, we used BoldMinded’s Publisher module. This is a powerful extension of ExpressionEngine that makes it easy for the user to manage a great many languages.

In order to provide AeroSleep with a powerful and flexible solution, we wrote a module with a settings page where AeroSleep staff can link a domain name to a specific country and a specific language and possibly to a campaign ID. This gives them full discretion to link new domain names to a language and introduce the visitor to the right starting position within the game.

An interesting and terrific project to work on; the customer is satisfied and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

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