‘Animal Logo’ book

posted on 11-11-2013

Just the other day we discovered this small booklet in our letterbox. ‘Animal Logo’ is a collection of inspiring animal logos and symbols. It contains a total of 266 logos by international studios such as Total Identity, Lance Wyman, Build, Stockholm Design Lab, Minale Tattersfield, Stefan Kanchev, Kari Piippo Oy ... and naturally the collection wouldn’t be complete without Chilli.

Animals are a wonderful source of inspiration for graphic designers and marketers, especially since every animal has certain characteristics that capture the essence of a brand or an organisation. As tall as a giraffe, as fast as a cheetah… just think of the American bald eagle as the symbol of the USA, the Twitter bird, the Playboy bunny and the Ferrari horse…

The logos Chilli designed for Belgian Breast Clinic, Scotton Consulting and The Beach Phi Phi have been included in the booklet.

Animal Logo: Trademarks & Symbols
Compiled and published by Counter Print
Book design by Leterme Dowling.

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