Cloud typography

posted on 06-11-2014

At Chilli we are passionate about fonts and as you can see from our logos & websites, we always attach a great deal of importance to the typographical aspect. Back in the day, this was a major website development issue because of the very limited range of fonts that could be used on the web.


That all changed several years ago when numerous commercial services such as Google Fonts, Typekit & Font Squirrel started offering webfonts, free of charge.

The biggest drawbacks of these services are the lack of quality of the fonts and the limited variation within individual fonts. For instance, a regular, bold & italic version of a font will only take you so far. Unfortunately, though, you can count your blessings if a bold & italic version is even available.


Font design is an art in itself and since Chilli favours quality over quantity, we were very pleased to learn that Hoefler & Frere Jones, the experts in this particular field, had decided to launch their own webfont service: 'Cloud.typography'.

Their range is not all that extensive, especially when compared to the huge number of fonts offered by the likes of Google Fonts, but every font has been designed and refined with care, attention & expertise to ensure the fastest and purest online rendering possible. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from the designers of landmark fonts including Gotham, Tungsten, Hoefler & Didot: all are classics in their own right that feature on the hard disk of every self-respecting designer.

As designers & typo lovers you can imagine just how pleased we were with this service. Not just because of the extensive and professional catalogue but also thanks to the extremely user-friendly system that ensures fast and accurate rendering of the selected fonts on any screen and on any carrier, and this without using server resources.

Needless to say, this service is not free: you pay a small monthly fee but this is transferred in its entirety to the designers of the fonts you’re using. That’s only logical, isn’t it? After all, quality does have its price.

If you’d like to know more about this service, or if you’d like to try it yourself just go to

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