posted on 06-07-2015


I am Marlies Verbeken and I would like to introduce myself. 

As a final-year graphic design student at Artevelde University College Ghent I did a 3-month internship at Chilli graphic design agency. It’s the perfect place to create a strong identity for your business or service.
How did I end up at Chilli? I went looking for an internship in the Ghent area. Actually, you’ll find a graphic design agency on just about every street corner in Ghent. Finding a company with a clear vision and charisma, now that’s another story. For me, Chilli was head and shoulders above the rest. The unique location, the small team and their strong website confirmed my choice right away.
Chilli has a passion for websites and they develop logos with a lot of love. The enthusiasm of this dynamic team is extremely infectious. Before you know it, you’re completely caught up in the flow.

'Quality before quantity'

What can customers expect here? Chilli welcomes each customer in its magnificent office with a nice chat and a good cup of Nespresso coffee. The Chilli team are strongly goal-oriented in their approach and don’t merely put customers in front of options.Instead they develop a single amazing concept they always manage to present in a stunningly effective way. Chilli wants to surprise the customer in a positive way with a concept. This working method is greatly appreciated by customers and works very effectively.

With smooth communication and collaboration, Chilli can meet punctual deadlines. The same quality standards apply to developing house styles. No “dejà vu” feeling here! Each house style is uniquely designed and the result is sublime. Chilli is not afraid to use special printing process finishes and choose unusual materials. You wouldn’t believe what they can do.

The internship part​

As an intern I entered the world of Chilli, and I was instantly swept up in the adventure. I felt that I was given a certain responsibility and that I really meant something within the company. I was given time to further develop my skills at my own pace. Here, there is absolutely no pressure placed on your performance, no impossible deadlines...

I got enough opportunities to prove myself and to further develop my abilities. I was able to improve and discover a lot of skills such as the design of logos, house styles, websites, exhibition stands ... I always worked alone and independently on a project and then received internal feedback. If the design was approved I then focused on the presentation. Chilli likes to spoil customers with a beautifully printed design that can be delivered in an envelope. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like presents?

The A-team

The Chilli team ... I may sound a bit obsequious again in this section, but there’s really little to criticise in this agency. Driven as they are, they arrive at the office in the morning in good spirits. They quietly work here on various projects. There’s internal consultation when it comes to making the right decisions and choices. During lunch break, everybody gathers at the big table for a communal meal. The silence gives way to friendly banter. The team cheerfully chats about everyday things, and I shouldn’t forget to mention the usual (ambiguous) jokes. After lunch, they all crawl back into their work cocoon and go on with their tasks. One thing that also struck me here was the absence of a nine-to-five mentality. The customer must receive the work on time at all costs - and preferably before the deadline.

Finally, I would like to conclude with an appropriate quote:

“ Make it simple, but significant “ 

Thanks to the entire Chilli team for this unforgettable experience!

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