Evelyn Moreels

logo, branding & website

The challenge

Evelyn Moreels can safely be called a household name in the world of painting and decorating. The company is characterised by a very distinctive style and a highly individual approach. But what about the graphic image? How to translate the company’s philosophy in telling communication that is just as warm and personal?

The solution

When we plunged in the world of Evelyn Moreels, the suitable graphic concept presented itself almost as a matter of course. Timeless graphics, carefully selected paper types, strong photography, an original website and a healthy dose of personality create the right atmosphere for this project. The style the client envisioned started to take shape…

2. branding

What our client says

Chilli’s young and creative team was able to translate our company’s values and objectives into a highly elegant and refined design.

Evelyn moreels