Logo, branding & website

The challenge

Lanssens natural stone has built a solid reputation in its industry and its expert team boasts many years of experience. However, the company logo and the Lanssens house style did not reflect the company’s ultra-professional approach. The creation of a new and attractive house style can be viewed as the culmination of the hard work the entire team put in.

The solution

The Chilli team delved into the subject matter and found more than enough inspiration in the evocative workshops. Unsurprisingly, the logo was based on one of the most commonly used workshop tools. The logo, house style and website were geared to each other to give the company the appeal it so richly deserves.

2. branding

The perfect union between
craftsmanship and high-tech.

What our client says

My team is extremely excited about the end result. This is truly amazing.