logo, branding & web

The challenge

A new season under Johan Simons’s guidance required a sharp, innovative house style. A style that could be extended to all levels in a clean, clear way. A visual concept that binds the audience and the institution. A multipurpose stepping stone that offers the right tools for unambiguous communication.

The solution

The design of a logo that also sets out the graphic lines for each house style element. A perfect blend of crisp graphics and character images by top photographers Stephan Vanfleteren, Anton Corbijn and Jules August gives NTGent an exceptionally recognisable look that is beautifully in tune with the philosophy of this international theatre.

2. Branding


A personalised font creates a thread throughout all communication efforts.


International, multilingual and multidisciplinary.

What our client says

NTgent chose Chilli very consciously. Very little blah blah blah and always a visually convincing result.