logo, branding & website

The challenge

A brand that has been synonymous with quality for over 80 years knows the importance of evolution. Constant renewal is indispensable if a brand is to consolidate its position in the market. Product lines, sales markets, techniques and materials must all evolve with the needs of the time. But what about the logo? That was the initial question. Can we rejuvenate the logo without affecting its value and recognisability?

The solution

For our team, the restyling of the logo was just a starting point from which to revamp the entire branding. The result was a new brand guide that was applied to a series of basic components of the branding, a solid package for the Rodania marketing team to build on within well-defined limits. The national and international websites were also completely reworked to reflect the high quality standards Rodania embodies.

Starting from the basic Rodania logo and font
Chilli created a new sans-serif font for Rodania.

The pointers of the watch were stylised to its purest form.
The thickness of the typography, the spacing, the curves were all tested on real watch-plates
to be sure all details would fit into the small useable area on a watch.
The logo got a younger character in function of the adapted target group.

2. branding

3. Website

The new Rodania website posed not just a graphic but also a technical challenge.
Chilli developed 3 sites in 3 different languages, each of which comfortably displayed all 500 products in 50 different categories, as well as the 1,500 distributors in 120 countries.
The website was built using ExpressionEngine and this makes it easy for the folks at Rodania to adjust and manage all the data themselves.

What our client says

This project presented a major challenge but we are very happy with the wonderful end result.

Julie Haspeslagh / Marketing Manager Rodania