The Beach

logo & branding

The challenge

Project developer Johan Hansen chased his dreams for this project. The aim was to create an unparalleled resort in beautiful Thailand. 3D visualisation specialists Nanopixel were keen to join forces with Chilli. With a building project of this magnitude in full development, the challenge lies in capturing the right atmosphere and visualising a realistic end result.

The solution

Nanopixel’s top-rate 3D visualisations and the striking house style and graphics paint a realistic picture of the project for potential investors and buyers. Moulding these commercial documents into elegant hand-sewn brochures and information folders has given them the allure of luxury printing brochures. Also, every subproject was given an appropriate logo. As a result, every location now has a recognisable visual element.

2. branding

You're standing on the limestone cliffs, enjoying a breath-taking view of the crystal-clear ocean.
Below you the half-moon beach blends into the unprecedented gardens.
A unique setting. Private and intimate. Heartwarming beauty.
Welcome to The Beach on Phi Phi Island.
3D visuals by nanopixel

What our client says

Congratulations to the entire Chilli team, the end result looks very sleek and elegant!

The Beach