Logo, branding & signage

The challenge

Michaël Vrijmoed is a huge talent and following a wonderful career at the Hof van Cleve, he is now ready to make his mark with his own concept. All eyes are on him now. The kitchen, the interior and the branding must harmonise perfectly in order to set the standard everyone expects from day one. The challenge consists in translating the concept of the chef into a visual concept.

The solution

We designed a logo deserving of the name ‘Vrijmoed’ and integrated it into a refined branding with a timeless character. We opted for a sober and minimalist printing style that matches the table arrangement and the interior; a concept this chef has no trouble identifying with.

2. branding

portraits and food photography by Heikki Vandurme

What our client says

From the very first moment, Chilli had a good sense of where we were going with our concept and this was reflected in the graphic design of 'Vrijmoed'.

michaël vrijmoed