Wijngoed rhode

logo, branding, packaging & website

The challenge

Designing a house style for one of the handful of Belgian vineyards? Gladly! The client issued clear guidelines: ‘My wine must be an overall experience. A unique flavour combined with the perfect image’. Needless to say, this was a challenge we couldn’t resist.

The solution

We were inspired by the liveliness and strength of a climbing vine and we processed this concept in the typography. This idea was combined with a strong logo in gold foil that symbolizes the clarity of the wine and also gives the label the right shine and the appropriate light. A refined house style and website are the finishing touches that lend this wonderful wine the appeal it deserves.

2. branding

What our client says

Chilli truly listens. Add in their commitment and expertise and that brings us to the essence: enhancing our product’s overall sense of quality.

Jürgen Van de Walle